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About Us

About Us

Shamanic Healer and Counsellor

I am an experienced Shamanic Practitioner that facilitates holistic healing. A compassionate counsellor navigating the intricate tapestry of emotions, and a seasoned social worker who provides coaching, and is dedicated to transformative change.

My expertise extends beyond trauma, abuse, and violence, providing solace and supporting people navigating emotional distress, relationship breakdowns, and poor self-concept. A beacon for those in need, I offer a transformative path to rediscover authentic power, build healthier relationships, support them to live a purposeful and happier life in alignment with their soul’s desire.

The stronger the desire to heal, the greater the transformation. Remarkably, 90% of my clients experience positive change within a short time.

Finding my Purpose

At a young age, I believe that we have the inner resources to propel us forward in life. As a sensitive empath, the emotional landscapes of others deeply affected me, created a sense of overwhelm throughout my childhood. Over the years, I honed my gifts, and subdued my charged emotions.

Early life brought relentless trauma. 10 years of childhood abuse and violence have left me feeling fearful and vulnerable to physical and emotional safety. To cope with my distress, I numbed my emotions, diverted my pain to jogging and studies. Yet, in moments of torment, I resorted to self-inflicted injuries. A desperate attempt to sooth my agony.

Amidst a seemingly meaningless life, the help of the divine through a near-death experience sparked a profound revelation. The purpose of my existence is to liberate people from powerlessness, foster hope and to live a fulfilling life. To be of true value to others, I embarked on a personal healing journey, and acquired knowledge and skills to aid others effectively