Healing Blist


“Healing Starts Here: We embrace a range of holistic healing techniques to restore your mind, body, and soul.

Experience the flexibility of single sessions tailored to you. You can also dive into the packages that not only come at a discounted rate but also bear the timeless gift of no expiry. Share the journey with loved ones, as these packages extend the warmth of healing to your entire family.

Bespoke services are also available to meet your unique needs. They are individualized and crafted to your specific requirements. Our coaching program provides self-discovery, build resilience, and empower growth. Here, your transformation becomes an extraordinary evolution.

While Shamanic healing and counselling in itself is effective, they are complementary approaches to healing. Shamanism and counselling are two powerful pillars. Shamanic healing embarks on the energetic realms, diving into the root causes and touching the soul. Counselling delves into the depths of our psyche, unravelling the psychological and emotional layers of trauma. Together, they form a dynamic duo of holistic healing, bringing the self to wholeness.

The services are provided in-person and distant. Counselling and coaching sessions are also available online, and shamanic healing can be conducted remotely. Rest assured that the potency of our healing practices remain just as impactful from a distance as it does in person. Activities of the day can be continued when the remote healing session is taking place. All that is required is a recent photograph of yourself. After the healing is completed, information about the session will be emailed to you.

Create a brighter future for yourself and for those who are important to you.

Let’s take charge of your life now.